Three Islands Lake - a carp fishing oasis just 2 hours from Calais

Now taking bookings for 2017 & 2018

Why bother driving 5 hours through France, when you could be at Three Islands Lake in just 2 hours?...

An 11 acre lake, set within 20 acres of completely fenced, gated & secure land, totally peaceful, just waiting to be discovered. Teaming with wildlife, you'll share the lake with all sorts of rare birdlife, water fowl, rabbits, deer & of course, lots of carp.

Whether you prefer to drive & survive, or like things a little more comfortable, we can cater for your requirements. Our cabins include such luxuries as hot & cold running water, shower, toilet & kitchen facilities. Using a state of the art ecological power system that runs on sustainable energy, our cabins are equipped with lighting & sockets for you to charge your small personal electrical equipment, i.e. mobile phones.

With a strong emphasis on the environment & all that it contains, Three Islands Lake is responsibly managed in an eco-friendly way, to ensure our wildlife neighbours are also respected & can thrive.

The biggest carp caught to date weighed in at 52lb 8oz. However, since 2010 we have carried out several stocking programmes to boost the number of fish & also enhance the size of our stock. We have introduced over 100 fish up to a massive 25Kg (55lb). Prior to the re-stocking, we estimated there were around 150-200 carp in the lake. Having seen many 40lb+ fish & a 52lb 8oz fish caught already, we believe it's only a matter of time before someone lands a 60lb+ specimen.

Don't just wish that you could be here...........go ahead & make the booking now!!


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